Friday, March 17, 2017

Comic Book Review: Batwoman #1

The first thing that will no doubt excite readers is the fact that Batwoman #1 takes our hero out of Gotham City and the country in general. The book kicks off like an intro from one of the James Bond or Mission: Impossible movies. We get action and violence right out of the gate. Blend that with some mystery, intrigue, and personal issues tied to the mission and you've got quite a stellar debut. Did I mention some solid pencil work from artist Steve Epting? Well, I did now!

On the island nation of Coryana, anything goes for members of the criminal underworld…and during her lost years after being drummed out of the military, Kate Kane found a kind of refuge there. But now, a deadly new bioweapon is available in the markets of Coryana, and Batwoman will have to face up to the things she did in those days… and the people she left behind, some of whom would be happier to see her dead than alive in Batwoman #1!

Batwoman #1 is rated T for Teen. Aside from some typical comic book violence, there's really nothing else to mention. Unlike most of the Batwoman issues in the past, we don't even see any type of adult situations. What we get here is just straight-and-to-the-point storytelling.

James Tynion IV (Detective Comics) and Marguerite Bennett (DC Comics Bombshells) wrote Batwoman #1. Steve Epting provided the artwork. It was released on March 15th through DC Comics. The book is 32 pages long.

Batwoman #1 is available now in print and digital editions.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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