Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Comic Book Review: Savage Things #1

Vertigo has always done its best to give comic book writers and artists a deregulated platform to bring their edgier stories and handiwork to the public. They continue to do so with writer Justin Jordan's Savage Things. The debut issue is everything a fan of espionage and spy thrillers would love with splashes of gore and flashes of violence filling out virtually every page thanks to Ibrahim Moustafa's graphic illustrations.

Twenty-five years ago, a secret government organization kidnapped children and trained them to be chaos agents who went on to foment unrest and execute enemies of the state around the world. When these cold and unfeeling creations proved too difficult to control, the powers that be exterminated their kill squad with extreme prejudice.

Too bad it didn’t work.

Now a rogue band of the worst monsters the world has ever known is cutting a swath of terror across the United States, threatening not just a disruption of the peace but to expose secrets their handlers never wanted to come to light. The only way to stop them is to call back the only man who ever walked away from them. His code name is Abel, and he’s not afraid of getting his hands bloody in Savage Things #1.

Savage Things #1 is suggested for mature readers and with good reason. It contains violence and gore, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes. If this were a movie, it would definitely have an R rating. Examples of the content would be depictions of people shot in the head and chest and several uses of the "F" word.

Justin Jordan (The Legacy of Luther Strode) wrote Savage Things #1. Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes) provided the artwork. It was released on March 1st through Vertigo Comics. The book is 32 pages long.

Savage Things #1 is available now in print and digital editions.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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