Comic Book Review: Forged From Metal (Ashcan Edition)

DC Comics' new age of heroes will be forged from metal, and the publishing giant has an all-star line-up of great artists and writers to bring the whole epic event to fruition.The talent includes Jim Lee (Justice League), Andy Kubert (Dark Knight III: The Master Race), Kenneth Rocafort (Superman), Greg Capullo (Batman), John Romita Jr. (All-Star Batman), and Tony S. Daniel (Detective Comics). These are guys who have proven themselves to be the foundation of the modern DC Universe.

Metal: The New Age of Heroes (Ashcan Edition) introduces the new DC Universe Dark Matter titles. First comes DARK DAYS, which gives way to the DARK NIGHTS, which gives birth to the DARK MATTER. Welcome to the new age of DC Super Heroes.

Forged from Metal: The New Age of Heroes (Ashcan Edition) gives fans an insider's look at what we can expect from this new unfolding saga. As if Greg Capullo's stunning promotional art for the event isn't enough to catch your attention, we've now been provided an appetizer in the form of a 8-page mini-comic that shows off the concept ideas and character sketches of characters we'll come to know and fear. There are artist notes, pencils, and even full color drawings of the Immortal Men, The Silencer, Damage, Sideways, and many more.

I'm most excited for Andy Kubert's updating of the classic supergroup Challengers of the Unknown. Ever since being introduced to them by DC Universe Secret Origins a few years back, I've been fascinated by the first and original Fantastic Four. I'm intrigued to see what directions Kubert will take this new team of adventurers.

You can check out Forged from Metal: The New Age of Heroes (Ashcan Edition) online for free. I'm positive that what you see will get you excited for what is shaping up to be an astounding turning point for the DC Universe and all of its denizens, old and new. Get yourself prepared for new myths to be envisioned.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟




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