Sophie Simmons Goes Dark in New Thriller Short Film Grave

As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. KISS frontman and bassist Gene Simmons and Model and Actress Shannon Tweed have raised two very bright and talented children. Each one is coming out from under their shadows to carve out their own niches in the world. Nick Simmons is already an accomplished writer and musician at the age of 28. His work is published through the Huffington Post and he's also provide vocals and co-wrote a song for former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick's album BK3.

Sophie Simmons has kept very busy as well. At 24 years old, she's already a singer, actress, and model who's appeared in fashion shows and movies and films like Republic of Doyle and Country Crush. Her latest project, a short film entitled Grave, sees Sophie's talents broadening even further. In the 7-minute thriller, it doesn't take long for Ms. Simmons to move from one emotion to the next. She goes from anger and resent to cold and (possibly?) empathetic in 420 seconds flat.

Grave is described by Anagram Films as "a place where a broken piece of machinery or other discarded object lies." They go on to say it's "Twilight Zone inspired" and "Alfred Hitchcock influenced". Grave manages to keep your heart pounding for the entirety of its short running time. If I took anything away from the film, it's the idea that you shouldn't screw people over and take advantage of them. Let's just leave things at that.

Grave was directed by James Kimball (Thor, NCIS: Los Angeles). It stars Kimball, Sophie Simmons, and Jerod Meaghor (Colony, Banshee). Although Grave isn't rated, it contains profanity, brief nudity (you see the side of a guy's butt), and frightening and intense scenes. You can check out the short film below.

For more information about Grave, you can go to their official website right here.