KISS's Tommy Thayer Debuts New Signature Epiphone Explorer

Epiphone Guitars honors KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer once again. The charismatic Spaceman is getting a new Signature White Lightning Explorer. It's an exciting change from his usual (yet awesome) Les Paul model and adds an air of flash Thayer deserves. You can check out his new guitar after the jump.

The Tommy Thayer Epiphone Limited Edition White Lightning Explorer will be available for purchase in the fall of 2017. The guitarist announced the new model via his Twitter. He's currently in Europe with KISS making the rounds on their international KISSWorld tour.

After Ace Frehley left KISS in 2002, Thayer stepped in to take his place as the Spaceman. He's played with the band for the past fifteen years, contributing to seven studio albums and singing lead vocals on two tracks from their last couple releases. Tommy also works behind the scenes as a producer for many of KISS's video and book releases.