Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Video: Classic Monsters Get a Reboot in Dark Universe

"Universal Studios is going all-in on their new cinematic universe connecting all of their classic monsters. While The Mummy is set to kick things off next month, the studio has revealed that this franchise will be collected under a single banner called Dark Universe, which will have its own logo that will appear before each movie, complete with a musical theme composed by Danny Elfman. As you can see from the image above, the logo is a shadowy version of the traditional Universal logo." - via /Film

I'm all for a reboot of the Universal Classic Monsters, and would love to see them all in a shared universe. Honestly, The Mummy looks like a Mission: Impossible movie with a monster thrown in. It really doesn't appear to be any more than an updating of the Brendan Fraser movies in modern times with Tom Cruise heading it up. Even images in the trailer hearken back to those movies. Universal has lofty ambitions and I hope they pull them all off but keep the horror aspects of their classic films intact along with all the action. Check out the Dark Universe logo along with Danny Elfman's score above.

The header picture features Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll; Javier Bardem, who will play Frankenstein's Monster; Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton in The Mummy; Johnny Depp will portray the Invisible Man; and Sofia Boutella in the role of Ahmanet, the Mummy.

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