Comic Book Review: Trinity Annual #1

Trinity Annual #1 is the sort of engaging storytelling I like to see in my comic books. It's a tale with a purpose and lesson for readers to walk away with. The mere presence of Ra's al Ghul guarantees my review will get an extra star. He's a villain I can never get enough of and carries some weight when it comes to intelligence and authority over his masses of followers. Seeing Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman joining forces to battle evil will make any comic book fan giddy. Guillem March's spectacular artwork on the title page beautifully captures the energy and spirit of unity Trinity Annual #1 is trying to communicate to everyone.

You don’t betray Ra’s al Ghul and legendary sorceress Circe and just walk away. That’s what Lex Luthor is about to learn the hard way in Trinity Annual #1. Now, he has to unite with his former Justice League teammates if he wants to stay alive. Meanwhile, the Trinity fear this ordeal will push Lex back to the dark side. Things get even more complicated when Jason Blood enters the picture and the Demon Etrigan is unleashed stronger than ever before.

Trinity Annual #1 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence, gore, and frightening and intense scenes. There are definitely splatters of blood within the panels of the book, as our superheroes do battle with demonic forces.

Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) wrote Trinity Annual #1. Guillem March (Catwoman) provided art for the issue. It was released on May 31st through DC Comics. The book is 48 pages long.

Trinity Annual #1 is available now in print and digital editions.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟





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