How Does Hawkman and Captain Marvel Fit Into DC's "Metal" World?

Scott Snyder revealed in a recent interview that he has big plans for both Hawkman and Captain Marvel. Wait, Captain Marvel? Doesn't he mean Shazam?

"...We have tremendous enthusiasm and interest for that character, and I think you'll start to see clues of a lot of stuff coming with him in different ways in the future in Metal. I can say that there are definitely big plans at DC for Shazam and for Captain Marvel and the whole Marvel family."

Could we be seeing a possible return to refering to Shazam by the name Captain Marvel in the near future?

As far as Hawkman is concerned, Snyder had this to say:

"It's not too much of a mystery, because there's an issue by Jeff Lemire and Bryan Hitch called Hawkman Found in the middle of the story, so he will likely be reappearing. We have big plans for him... in terms of the DNA of what we're doing for that character and the stories that are going to spin out of it for him, I couldn't be more excited in the directions that the people who are going to work on him are taking. They're better than anything that I could have done. It's really impressive."

You can read more of the interview right here.