Variant Cover of Marvel Comics' Defenders #4 Donated to U.S. Military

Frankie's Comics and a group known as the Variant Collective (consisting of the Comic Mint, Sad Lemon, 7ate9, Amorphous Ink, and Golden Apple) are donating an entire print run of 3,000 store-specific comic variants for issue #4 of Marvel's Defenders to the U.S. Military. Kevin Fields of Frankie's Comics stated, "We just wanted to do something cool for our soldiers and the collecting community. I wish we could have announced this on July 4th, as that was the impetus for the idea, but it took longer than we thought to find a charity that would actually put the books in the hands of the troops."

Operation Gratitude was started in 2003. They send out over 250,000 care packages every year to active military personnel and veterans. They also serve first responders. Every package comes with with food, hygiene products, hand-made items, and personal letters of support. Comic books can now be added to that list!