Can Outsiders Help Save Atlantis in Aquaman #26?

It's always nice to return to the undersea world of Aquaman when I get the chance. There's always some sort of Greek-like tragedy going on that grabs my attention and makes me wish I had more free time to keep up with the King of Atlantis's adventures every month. Much like an ongoing weekly TV drama, you're not going to be able to jump right in here and know what's going on. However, you'll find it worth the effort to do a little research and get up to speed on what's happening right now in the exciting and energetically drawn Aquaman #26.

Enraged by rumors of Arthur’s survival in the slums of Atlantis, the ruthless King Rath orders the use of ancient Atlantean techno-magic to track down the Aquaman at all costs! But the ex-king Arthur can’t hide for long when his fate collides with that of a mysterious young woman named Dolphin on the run from Rath’s own secret police in Aquaman #26.

Aquaman #26 is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and frightening and intense scenes. It really is a rather safe issue and doesn't contain less questionable content than you'll find in a PG-13 comic book movie.

Dan Abnett wrote Aquaman #26. Stjepan Sejic provided the artwork. It was released on July 19th through DC Comics. The book is 32 pages long.

Aquaman #26 is available now in print and digital editions.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 and a half.