Whose Making a Joker Origin Movie... and Why?

When I first read the headline that Martin Scorsese was producing a stand-alone Joker movie, I was extremely excited. Was WB and DC Entertainment going to use stand-alone films to try and steer their cinematic universe in a different direction? Possibly throw some stuff up against the wall and see what sticks and go from there?

How could you go wrong with a crime thriller set in the 1980s headed up by the guy who is considered by many to be the king of gangster movies? Well, it all depends on just how involved he's going to be, if at all. Sources for THR have already said that Scorsese might not be involved for sure.

What we're left with are two names that don't necessarily drum up a whole lot of excitement or confidence when it comes to crime thrillers or comic book movies. Todd Phillips and Scott Silver have both been reported to be co-writing the Joker project. Do I trust two guys who gave us "The Hangover" series, "Old School," and "The Mod Squad" to deliver a serious and quality Joker movie well-blended with some black comedy and complex characters?

Granted both Phillips and Silver, have helped create some more serious fare in the past like "The Finest Hour," "The Fighter," and even "War Dogs." However, Phillips in particular is known for his screwball comedies and it makes me nervous that he might also be directing the film and give it the wrong tone.

I for one welcome different takes on the DC super heroes. Especially since I'm really not too fond of where they've taken the cinematic universe thus far. Maybe these two guys will surprise me and produce something that captures the true essence of these comic book characters that have been completely disrespected and defamed through both "Man of Steel" and "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." I'll still feel a whole lot better if Martin Scorsese hops on board this project and is officially attached.