My Two Sense: Check Out Some Easter Eggs and Homages to Past "Star Trek" Shows in New "Discovery"

"Star Trek: Discovery" has finally premiered and received relatively good reviews across the board. The show seems to be off to a great start. There's only one big hurtle CBS must overcome in order to keep the show going. They have to convince the 7 million viewers who watched the pilot episode to subscribe to digital platform CBS All Access to see the rest of the first season. From what I've seen on more than a few website message boards, it's going to be a tough obstacle to overcome.

Either way, there were several easter eggs and ties revealed in "Star Trek: Discovery" to the past television shows and movies. The Hollywood Reporter talked about some of them in an interesting article written by Chris E. Hayner that does contain some spoilers, if you haven't already watched the pilot. He talks aboput everything from phasers to uniforms and the type of wine a certain character drinks.

You can check the article out right here.