My Two Sense: "Playback, The Brian Wilson Anthology" Now Available with Unreleased Songs

Who's ready to hear some unreleased tracks from The Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson? At 75 years old, the maestro is still creating music that makes your ears happy and sad all at the same time. Two songs were released recently as singles for the new collection, "Playback, The Brian Wilson Anthology," from Rhino Records and they both reflect somewhat different times in the musician's career with The Beach Boys.

The first single released, "Some Sweet Day," was written with Andy Paley in the 1990s and conjures up memories of the intricate orchestral arrangements from "Pet Sounds." However, it doesn't feel quite as melancholy or heartbreaking as the tunes found on that monumental classic.

"Run James Run" serves as another sample from the new 18-track career retrospective that, for some reason, reminds me of "Don't Hurt My Little Sister" off of The Beach Boys' 1965 album "Today." It's an uptempo track that, even though specifically written for "Playback," hearkens back to the hot rod and fun-in-the-sun aesthetics of the California group's golden days in the 1960s. I'm curious to know who played on the song.

Plain and simply, Brian Wilson's still got it!

You can check out a track listing and more information about "Playback, The Brian Wilson Anthology" at Rhino Records' website.

Both "Some Sweet Day" and "Run James Run" are available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube.