DC Looks to Scare Readers To Death with 3 Halloween Books

I wish I had better things to say about DC House of Horror #1. Keith Giffen plots out eight tales of terror featuring Superman, the Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Batman, and Shazam. At first, we get a couple short twisted stories that seem witty and inspired. A pattern begins to form and predictability sets in as we see each hero just turned into a monster of themselves, usually caused by insanity of some type.

In DC House of Horror #1, Martha Kent fights for her life against a creature from a spacecraft that lands in front of her farmhouse. A young woman is possessed by the spirit of a murderous Amazon warrior. The last surviving member of the Justice League faces down a horror beyond imagining. These are just a sample of what to expect from the six tales featured in this Halloween-inspired one-shot.

The artwork definitely makes it easier to move through these tales, provided by the likes of Howard Chaykin, Rags Morales, Tom Raney, Kyle Baker, Scott Kolins, and other great talents. The book is rated "T+" for Teen Plus and contains unnecessary partial nudity, profanity, violence, gore, and frightening and intense scenes.

If you're looking for tales of terror targeted towards a younger audience for the Halloween season, you can check out a special Halloween Comic Fest edition of Batman #7 entitled "Night of the Monster Men" brought to you by the creative team of Steve Orlando, Tom King and Riley Rossmo. It's the storm of the century, and it's headed straight for Gotham City.

The guardians of this sprawling urban center - Nightwing, Batwoman and the Batman himself - think they've prepared for the worst. They have no idea. Thanks to the machinations of the macabre scientist Dr. Hugo Strange, the storm has unleashed a rain of monsters upon the city. Colossal creatures are stomping through the streets, terrorizing the citizens and challenging the skills of even Gotham's greatest heroes. Can the Dark Knight and his allies stem the tide of destruction? Or will the Night of the Monster Men mark the fall of the Bat?

Halloween Comic Fest's DC Super Hero Girls #1 special edition gives all ages readers two tales from the upcoming "Past Times at Super Hero High" graphic novel written by Shea Fontana and illustrated by Yancey Labat and Agnes Garbowska. The students of Super Hero High go on a one-of-a-kind field trip that will allow them to learn about history up close and personal! After a time machine mishap, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and company travel back in time! How will their adventures in the past affect their future?

DC House of Horror Rating: 🌟🌟 and a half.