Return Fire in DC Comics' Revival Ragman #1

Ragman #1 gives us a nice place to start a new mini-series that melds together the superhero genre with horror. We get enough background info on the character to get us emotionally connected. His plight and the terrifying consequences of his actions are dealt with in a quick flashback-and-forth scenario that keeps the story moving forward at a good pace.

After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners in Ragman #1. As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it’s about to change his life. But as Rory begins his journey, an evil is invading Gotham City, and it wants what he’s discovered.

I found the way Ragman #1 helps shed light on the subject of PTSD to feel natural and not like a heavy-handed message or avenue to push an agenda on readers. We’re also shown how soldiers a lot of times come back from war and don’t know how to re-join normal everyday life. It might sound like we’re served up some pretty heavy social commentary for the first issue of a comic book mini-series. However, it really doesn’t come off like that.

Inaki Miranda's carefully crafted artwork fits the mood of Ray Fawkes's tale for Ragman#1. Things are a bit gory here and there, as the "T" for Teens rating would clue you in to. Here is a character I can see being strong enough to join in adventures with the Justice League Dark or Swamp Thing at some point in the future. Readers will no doubt find themselves drawn to picking up the next issue as the miniseries unfolds in the next few months.

Ray Fawkes wrote "Ragman #1." Artwork was provided by Inaki Miranda. It was released on October 11th through DC Comics.

"Ragman #1" is available now in print and digital editions.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟