Three "Blade Runner 2049" Short Films You Might Want to Watch Before Seeing the Movie [VIDEO]

"For those trying to work out just what to expect from 'Blade Runner 2049,' set to bow Friday, Warner Bros. has offered three clues, in the form of short movies inspired by Denis Villeneuve's sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic. They are three projects that fill in the gaps between 2019 (when the original movie takes place) and the year 2049 of the sequel. 'Black Out 2022,' '2036: Nexus Dawn' and '2048: Nowhere to Run' are less complete narratives as much as puzzles waiting to be unlocked — but what, if anything, can they tell us about the future of a world filled with lifelike Replicant androids and people who make a living hunting them down?"

Read more commentary about the shorts at The Hollywood Reporter.

You can see the shorts below.