Friday, January 12, 2018

Are You Ready for a Day of Magic Managed?

If you love Harry Potter…..A Day of Magic Managed invites you to join us at the Southfork Ranch February 10th and 11th to celebrate the magical world we all know and love! Is your scar tingling like ours is? Come walk through to seek your magical wand, plenty of Butterscotch beer and enjoy meeting our very much alive owls. Tickets are currently on sale, and are limited to keep the event fun and safe for all. We ask that you order early so we can prepare for this celebration and plan as many wizarding task for all ages!! We solemnly swear that we will be up to A Day of Magic.

You can buy tickets for A Day of Magic Managed right here.

Feel free to copy and send the flier below to friends and anyone you think would be interested in A Day of Magic Managed!

We Love Twin Flicks!