Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Meet the Robinsons in a New Lost in Space Featurette [VIDEO]

I visited my father in Illinois every summer when I was a kid. I would be so excited to wake up early every morning and watch the original Lost in Space. Yes, it was cheesy. However, to a young child into Star Wars and Star Trek, it was the next best thing.

Even though it isn't looked on too kindly by critics, I also loved the 1998 reboot of the TV show. It took the original concept and pushed it in a serious and darker direction. The casting was top-notch for the time, boasting actors like William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Matt LeBlanc, Gary Oldman, and Heather Graham. Most of them were already riding the crest of success with their own film projects and TV shows at the time.

Netflix's version of Irvin Allen's classic sci-fi series looks to be an exciting blend of both the original TV series and the movie. Most of the shots are shrouded in shadow and darkness like the 1998 version. At the same time, it also looks safe for people of all ages to enjoy together like the TV show from the 1960s.

Meet the Robinson family as they blast off on an edge-of-your-seat adventure to establish a new colony in space, but find themselves suddenly pulled off course and crash landed on a lost planet. This first featurette, The Robinsons' Journey, provides an inside look into the family, the lost planet, and the adventures they embark on together. Lost In Space launches globally on Netflix April 13th.