Monday, March 26, 2018

Ready Player One Writer Zak Penn Bringing ROM to Life Onscreen

ROM The Spaceknight has had a crazy career as both a toy and comic book character. The action figure-type toy premiered in 1979 as the first of its kind for board game makers Parker Brothers. For all intents and purposes, it was a failure for the company at the time.

Marvel Comics was commissioned to help promote it through a monthly comic book series, which outlasted the actual toy. When Marvel lost the rights to use the ROM name and likeness, it began publishing comics under the name Spaceknights to continue its storyline. IDW Publishing recently picked up the rights to the character and publishes a new monthly series now. For some reason, I find ROM's history as a toy and comic book character fascinating and have researched it quite a bit.

"As Ready Player One is poised to hit theaters, screenwriter Zak Penn has found a new gig: writing a ROM movie.

Paramount Pictures is hard up for franchises, and they’re turning to toys to save the day: the studio is working on bringing a Hasbro Cinematic Universe to life – yes, really – and a movie based on the ROM toy (and subsequent comic series) from the late 1970s is apparently an important piece of that puzzle."

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