Comic Book Review: Naomi #1

DC's new imprint, Wonder Comics, brings us a new mystery to unravel with Naomi #1. We're not given much to go on in this first issue but a super hero incident from twenty years ago and the date of an adoption. However, it doesn't take much deduction to see where this story is heading.

When a fight between Superman and Mongul crashes into a small Northwestern town, Naomi (last name?) begins a quest to uncover the last time a super-powered person visited her home—and how that might tie into her own origins and adoption.

Naomi #1 hits a few positive beats when it comes to diversity in the DC Comics universe. The title character is obviously a woman, but she is African-American as well. Naomi's friends are made up of different social types and one is even heavyset.

There's not a lot of super hero action in Naomi #1. There's a few panels of Superman duking it out with someone or something. Other than that, the rest of the book has writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker introducing characters and setting up the story, which isn't a bad thing by any means.

Artist Jamal Campbell brings his personal flare to Naomi #1. He knows how to take a familiar character like Superman and blend him in with his own creations. One certain character reminded me of Frank Miller's artwork.

Naomi #1 is rated T+ for Teen Plus. It contains violence. I"m not sure why the book is rated T+, unless the series is going to get grittier and more mature in the future.

Naomi #1 is available now in print and digital editions.

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