Disney Saves $90 Mil Not Having Johnny Depp in Pirates Reboot

The dead weeks of the holidays are the perfect outpost from which to contemplate all manner of upheaval.  Not least, since there are so many very lively dead and/or cursed characters in the thing, it’s the best possible moment to consider what the heck the billion-dollar Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is going to look like going forward, minus America’s and possibly the world’s most lovable Keith Richards-manqué, the billion-dollar man himself, Johnny Depp.  Because the hard-to-imagine is here: nobody’s thinking about bringing on Johnny for the next one, at his reported $90-million per. Least of all Disney, who have just brought on the Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to pen the script for the sixth installment and, as described by Disney production czar Sean Bailey, to  give the 16-year-old franchise “a kick in the pants.”

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