Jason McLean

Artist, Biblical paranormal researcher, and VODcaster Jason McLean lives in Waxahachie, Texas with his three children and beautiful, long-suffering wife. He is known for such works as How UFOs and Bigfoot Prove the Bible is True, The 2017 and Beyond Series, and Jesus: The Story of Salvation for Children (which has been translated into four languages). Beyond his lifelong love of art and comics, Jason’s life has been consumed with the study of archaeology, cryptozoology, ufology, and astronomy in order to better understand the Bible, its teachings, and the One behind its creation. These passions have prompted him to create the Society for the Investigation and Research of the Unexplained (S.I.R.U.) and the Evangelical Comic Gallery (E-Comic Gallery). Since man cannot obsess about the paranormal alone, he can be found every other Saturday on the Vagabond Nerds VODcast, where comic books, movies, and nerd culture are freely discussed with two of the greatest geeks anyone could ask for. Jason plans to sleep next year… maybe.

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