Update on Where to Find Eric Shirey's Writings

Hey everybody! Just wanted to update you where you can find all my writings now. I'm a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. You can read all my daily articles right here. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook. The best thing to do would be follow or friend me on one or both of those and you'll get up to date links to all my articles, reviews,and commentary on the latest movies, DVDs, and comic books. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with my daily rantings!

Where Can You Find Me Now?!?!?

If you want to keep up with everything that I'm doing now, just go to either www.ersink.com or www.thespectralrealm.com. I am now writing for Associated Content from Yahoo! as well. You can find links to all my stories and articles through www.ersink.com. Just wanted to let everyone know!

Check Out The Spectral Realm Website!

Obviously, we're not doing MovieGeekFeed.com anymore. Check out our new website at www.thespectralrealm.com. And remember - So small it could almost be a miniature elephant.

Frightmare 101

Man, I'll tell you...it really never does end does it? The guys over at TFW have now added two acting classes to their series of instructional classes. And when it comes to acting and tying it in to the horror genre, who better to have as a teacher than Friday the 13th, Part VII actress Lar Park Lincoln. I almost called her "scream queen" and then realized that it wouldn't really fit her, since she found a way to kill supernatural Jason. Lar has written a book and taught classes on acting for years now and brings a lot of experience to the table in a teaching atmosphere. read more about her classes and the other Frightmare 101 classes after the jump.

More Lucky People Winning DVD's!

I keep forgetting to post these to the site. You'll have to forgive the weird lighting on the pics. You can only do what you can on the fly. Reesa took the photos and asked the trivia questions. I like to post pictures of the winners of our contests to show everyone that real people actually do win prizes.

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